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Oklahoma Feedyards

USDA Feeder Cattle Market Reports

  • Alabama Auctions Weekly Summary (Fri)
  • Alabama Feeder Cattle Wtd Avg (Fri)
  • Amarillo Auction Summary (Wed)
  • Arkansas Weekly Auctions (Fri)
  • Central Virginia Livestock Auctions (Mon)
  • Colorado Weekly Feeder Cattle Summary (Fri)
  • Eastern Cornbelt Direct Feeder Cattle Summary
  • Florida Weekly Auction Summary (Fri)
  • Georgia Cattle Auctions Weekly Review (Fri)
  • Georgia Direct Cattle Summary (Fri)
  • Georgia Livestock - pdf file
  • Illinois Weekly Combined Wtd Avg Cattle Report (Fri)
  • Iowa Weekly Feeder Cattle Wtd Avg Summary (Mon)
  • Kansas Combined Wtd Avg Report (Mon)
  • Kansas Direct Feeder Cattle Summary (Fri)
  • Kentucky Blue Grass Livestock Summary (Thu)
  • Kentucky Weekly Livestock Summary (Fri)
  • Louisiana Weekly Summary (Fri)
  • Missouri Statewide Combined Feeder Cattle Wtd Avg (Fri)
  • Mississippi Weekly Auction Summary (Fri)
  • Montana Weekly Auction Wtd Avg Summary
  • National Feeder and Stocker Cattle Summary (Fri)
  • National Weighted Average - Cattle (Mon)
  • Nebraska Weekly Feeder Cattle Auction Summary
  • Northern Virginia Livestock Auctions (Mon)
  • Oklahoma City Weekly Cattle Narrative (Wed)
  • Oklahoma City Wtd Avg Cattle Summary (Wed)
  • Oklahoma Wtd Avg Cattle Summary (Fri)
  • South Carolina Livestock Weekly Review (Fri)
  • Southwest Virginia Livestock Auctions (Mon)
  • Tennessee Weekly Auction Summary (Fri)
  • Texas Feeder Cattle Summary(Fri)
  • Utah Weekly Livestock Review (Fri)
  • Virginia Weekly Feeder Cattle Wtd Avg Summary (Fri)
  • Washington Weekly Combined Cattle (Fri)
  • Wisconsin Weekly Cattle Summary (Fri)
  • WY, Western NE & Western Dakotas Direct Feeder Cattle Wtd Avg (Fri)
  • WY, Western NE & Western Dakotas Weekly Feeder Cattle Summary (Fri)
  • Wyoming Auction Feeder Cattle Wtd Avg Weekly Summary (Mon)

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